Welcome to LIM issue 20! We hope that you are having a fantastic year and that you are finding success in your resolutions – or goals as I like to call them.

There are many holidays and significant days we celebrate in Canada, but there’s one that’s arguably the most significant – Easter! A few months ago we celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ, an exciting and uplifting season, and a few months later we face His death.

Understanding why Jesus died is important because it’s the reason we even have the option to follow Him. In addition to finding poetry, a fashion column, and movie review this issue, you’ll be able to find answers to some common questions about Easter and what it really means.

LIM continues to grow thanks to your contributions and support. We believe everyone can contribute to LIM’s mission to empower and unite youth and young adults across Canada in the name of Jesus.

Over the past year we’ve also seen significant growth in our distribution. LIM is distributed to many churches, conferences, and homes, all places where there is substantial evidence that people are reading and being affected by the material presented.

If you are a writer, artist, poet, or youth group actively serving in the community, send us an email at info@loveismoving.ca to see how your work can be featured in an upcoming issue.

If you come across an article that you have questions about, want to challenge, or it has impacted you, send us an email and we will be sure to get back to you. Your questions and responses are important to us. If you would like your response or questions to be featured in an upcoming issue, let us know!

Happy Easter and happy reading,

Crileidy Liriano Senior Editor, LIM