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Meeting Dad in Nature – Arlin Goodwin

Should Christians Care about Plastic Straws – Josiah Piett

Spotlight on Culture: The Cost of Perfect Eyebrows – Katie Pezzutto

Seeing God’s Hand in Creation – Jordan Russell

On Earth as in Heaven – Layton MacCabe

Step into the Wonder of God’s Creation – Sarah Evangeline

Stray Child – Emily Gillies

God’s Gardeners – Josh Tiessen

Compassion Generation – Alyssa Esparaz

Bee the Change – Laura Puiras

Transforming Lives Through Portraits of the Homeless – Leah den Bok

The Darkness in our Hearts – Daniel Field

Is This for Me – Austin Jones


A New Day for Vocational Youth Ministry Training – Marv Penner

A Place for Missionary Kids to ReBoot – Malik Dieleman

Learning in Leadership: Work and Keep the Earth – Shawn Naylor

Ready, Willing, and Able – Kerry Provost

Working with At-Risk Youth on Cape-Breton Island – Jodi Stacey

A Different View of the World – Mike Gordon

Planting Seeds – Natalie Frisk

The Fine Art of His Character – Malik Dieleman

Words from the Editor

You know that sinking feeling when your calendar is jammed, your social media feed is sucking away your time, and your thoughts resemble an unstoppable train wreck? Lately, I’ve been there more often than I’d like. But not too long ago, the Holy Spirit stopped me in my tracks at 5:00 a.m. in a kayak in the middle of a lake.

I was awed that such tranquility was available every morning, if I would but take the freely offered gift. As my kayak drifted beneath the pale pink sky, I could not help but recall the theme for issue 35. We asked writers to reflect on how God speaks through His creation and the role of Christians in caring for our planet.

This issue covers stories from the co-founder of a Christian environmental organization to a photography student’s series of images reflecting on God’s character in nature. As you read these articles, my hope is that you will be encouraged to fight zealously for time spent in stillness at the feet of the Creator. I hope, too, that you will be challenged to do what you can to steward the earth well with whatever you’ve been given.

It is a huge gift to me to come on board the Love Is Moving team. As a writer myself, I’m continually learning how to convey Christ’s love through my words. It is an equal joy to come alongside others as they do the same.

In Christ, Ilana Reimer

Words from the Community Relations Lead

Writing stories with stars, painting landscapes with ethereal fingertips and displaying His power through storms, God is there, speaking. Often caught up in the craziness of life, we forget to recognize the beauty of this truth: His essence, provision and character is found in nature.

Although oxygen is not something most of us pay attention to, it remains present. The forgotten element that keeps us alive does not need our affirmation and attention to remain constant, it simply is. Regardless of our inability to listen and interact, God simply is.

Reading through our writers’ encounters with the awe-inspiring Creator will stir wells of passion. Let your desire to see our world stewarded well be lit aflame by fellow believers and family. Above all else, I pray you open your eyes and see the One who gave it all for you.

With that vision in mind, The Love Is Moving team invites you to step away from the chaotic pace of life and fix your life’s vision on God’s provision

With love, Katie Pezzutto