God can be known and felt even in the places where words falter. Perhaps especially there. Poetry, like music or art, can tilt our perspective a little, startling new emotions and understandings out of us. As Sarah Emtage reminds us in this issue’s cover story, a poem is meant to be memorized and mulled over. Its meaning slowly enriches our lives over time.

Issue 54 features a collection of poetry meant to be our companions this winter, as well as essays by poets reflecting on its value our creative and spiritual lives.

Other highlights to watch for:

  1. A hopeful and grounded interview with Hannah Mae Henry, a filmmaker and climate action advocate.
  2. We’re starting a new artist profile series. In our first profile, writer and professor Doug Sikkema talks about gaining courage and the invisible effort behind seemingly effortless prose and verse.

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In Our Community

A Time for Everything by Mackenzie Griffin

The Veil by Ruth Marie Paterson

From A Pilgrim on a Train by Jaslyn Thienbunlertrat

Listening to Stars by Danielle Grisnich

Turtle Lake by James Paterson

Technology’s Good Side by Abby Ciona

Friends by the Fire by Taeryn Novak

Embracing Life by Elizabeth Duarte

Cigarette Fluff by Alan Thorimbert (online only)

Priceless by K. A. R. (online only)

Paper Crown by Sarah Emtage (online only)

Becoming by Zammie King (online only)

Commenting on Culture

Finer Strokes: Art and Idolatry by Josh Tiessen

Making Love Matter(s): Pulling in the Same Direction by Bonnie Pue

Body and Soul: Forgiveness Exercise by J.M. Bergman

Digging Deeper: A Time to Mourn by Josiah Piett

Church of Many Cultures: Hard Conversations by Andrea Nwabuike


Love Is Moving Interview: Rooted in Place with Hannah Mae Henry

Consider the Birds by Amy Gabriel

Pocket Literature by Sarah Emtage

In Praise of Poetry by Katie Schmidt (online only)

Reviews and Lifestyle

Behind the Screens: Physical Media is Making a Comeback by Adam Kline

Books, Music and Podcast Reviews: (Everyday Conversations, Future Forever, Cup My Days Like Water, 3 Big Questions That Change Every Teenager)

Artist Profile

Writing One Good Line with Doug Sikkema