About Joel Gordon

Joel Gordon is a filmmaker, actor, and pastor. He is Creative Director of Love Is Moving and one of its co-founders, along with Benjamin Porter. He also serves at the Director of Ministry Partnership and Innovation at Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Love Is Moving’s publisher.

Since his early teens, Joel has been acting in television and film. After studying acting at York University and completing his BFA, Joel started to produce and direct television documentaries. In 2013, he produced a magazine and TV series called Love Is Moving that featured youth groups living out God’s love in their communities. He is married with four children and lives north of Toronto.

About Ilana Reimer

Ilana Reimer has been Editor of Love Is Moving since 2019. She’s also the Resource and Content Coordinator for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

Ilana studied journalism at Algonquin College and has worked as a freelance journalist and book editor since 2015. Her essays, poetry, and articles have appeared in a number of publications. Ilana is passionate about championing and equipping Christian creators, believing they can be voices of influence, prophecy, and wisdom in our culture. She lives in Ottawa with her husband.

About Nadine Iraguha

Nadine Iraguha is the Community Relations Coordinator for Love Is Moving. While born in Rwanda, Nadine has lived in three other African countries (Uganda, Mali, and Niger). She now resides in Hamilton, Ont. where she recently graduated from Redeemer University with a BA in International Relations (Honours).

In her free time, Nadine likes to read about humanitarian organizations and their work. She also enjoys cooking, singing, and dancing to African music.

More of our team

Art director: Love Is Moving’s three yearly print magazines are designed by Mark Stewart.

Contributors: Many of our words and images come from freelance writers, photographers, visual artists, and illustrators across Canada.

Socials: Our social media posts are managed by Brian Lopez.

Advertising manager: Brian Shephard can help you find the most effective and affordable way to get your message to our readers.

Production and distribution: We’re grateful for editorial consultant Bill Fledderus, marketing director Gina Waugh and distribution and circulation expert Rachel Baarda.

Publisher: The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.