Love Is Moving magazine exists to tell stories of hope, beauty, diversity, and creativity that encourage, equip and inspire the next generation of Christians. We publish essays, poetry, and thoughtful reflections and release seasonal collections that centre on specific themes.

Love is Moving was founded in 2010 by Joel Gordon and Benjamin Porter with the vision of reviving a biblical concept of love, challenging upcoming generations to grow deeper in knowing God’s love for them, and living out their faith with passion for Jesus and compassion for people. 

Originally, we produced a Bible study and journal for youth, a teaching app for leaders, a TV series, events, and a national magazine. We reach a broad, diverse audience of 10,000 subscribers made up of about 45 denominations and nearly 500 churches. In 2015, Love Is Moving was adopted by the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

Why is a movement like this needed? The groundbreaking 2011 study, Hemorrhaging Faith: Why and When Canadian Young Adults are Leaving, Staying and Returning to Church broke open the reality of youth leaving the Canadian Church. It provides important data on drives Canadian young adults away and what inspires stick with church, in all its beautiful imperfection. This is why Love Is Moving features the works of emerging writers, photographers, poets, and visual artists—proclaiming together that we are beloved by God.

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