Not many relations can produce such a wide variety of emotional connections.

As Ross Breitkreuz says in his feature article, “Nothing in life makes us more aware of what we lack than those closest to us. Family can magnify our weaknesses and test our character… Be holy. Love family. Who better to practice Jesus’ love on? Family pain cuts deep, only because we love them so much.”

Even as I reached out for the articles for this issue, the diverse responses to the simple question of “how do you see God at work in your family” brought forth excited gushing and reserved examination. They are close, they are near, and for the most part, they are unavoidable—and that’s why they’re so valuable. God often uses the fires of family to refine people for His glory.

Whatever your family situation is like, there is definitely something for you to relate to in this issue of Love Is Moving. We hear from Sarah Rhodes, who came from a background absent of Christian faith, and how she learned to turn bitterness to tenderness. We hear perspectives about fatherhood and leadership from the pen of our columnist Shawn Naylor, and the realization of how our parents influence our spiritual lives from Robbie Down.

Finally, our cover story on the television show Young Once takes a look behind the scenes of a young adult’s life—in terms of love, family, friendships and the stresses of all three–and weaves in the wonder of living from the foundation of faith.

Enjoy this issue, and try to get a glimpse of where God may want to work—so often it all starts at home.


Musical Passion, Spiritual Community – Maxwell Aka

Loud Krazy Love – Joel Gordon

People to Feed, Dishes to Clean – Shawn Naylor

Holiness & Family – Ross Breitkreuz

That They May Endure – Andrea Nwabuike

God in the Gaps of Family Life – Sarah Rhodes

Trade Your Sorrows for Joy – Pratika Bijlani

Joseph Xie Artist Spotlight

Breaking Bondage – Sara Ryan

A Girl, Her God & His Mission – Awosunrun Oreoluwa

Ministry Killed “Me” – Erin Ford

The Danger of Self-Awareness – Josee Foster

A Change of Plans – Mikayla Stroeder

Set Free From a Broken Family – Jeremy Wood

Why the Christian Show ‘Young Once’ Works – Carolyn Innis

Compassion Generation: Meet Four Inspiring Parents from Around the World – Alyssa Esparaz

Family Lessons – Robbie Down

Poem: Tuesday Morning – Mike Bonikowsky