Announcing the Release of Issue 26!

As Oswald Chambers puts it, the life of a Christian is defined by our faithfulness in the “drudgery of day-to-day life”. Throughout scripture, it is clear that a life lived in service to Christ is not a call to an easy ride, but rather one of discipline, difficulties, wrestling and working out our salvation with fear and trembling. Yet, despite the fact that we can expect to go through “valleys of the shadow of death”, the Lord has made mind-blowing promises to His people. There are seasons and moments where we see beautiful spiritual breakthroughs that reveal the power and glory of our omnipotent God in our small and seemingly insignificant lives and problems.  

In Issue 26 of Love Is Moving we are celebrating these moments of breakthrough—stories of God’s faithfulness, the power of answered prayer, the joy that is found when we see how much God cares for us right in front of our eyes.  

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Student Side:
Waiting for a Miracle — Abigail Morgan
When God Answers — Candace Maxymowich
Trusting God in the Face of Acne — Morgan Clark
Feed Your Resolution — Jamila Holder
A Friend to the Homeless — Matthew Demitroff
Life as a Christian Nurse — Beka Ermel
Canada Summer Jobs Controversy — Sawyer Bullock & Hannah Beadle
The Allure of Busyness — Marina Hanna
Thoughts from a Worship Leader — Robbie Downs
It’s a Choice — Josiah Piett
The Power of Prayer in the Developing World — Alyssa Esparaz
Spotlight on Montreal Youth for Christ — Jason Brereton
Is Your Life Low on Gas? — Rose Ennin
The Oil — Tamar Ashman
The Christian Witness — Shawn LaVie

Leader Side:
Boredom to Blessing — Shawn Naylor
Church Marketing is Sleazy — That Church Marketing Guy
Something Shiny Over There — Renee Embree
His Peace is Your Piece — Lisa Hanash
Joseph Moments — A.A. Adourian
Tobacco & MDiv Grad Sweater — Keith Blair
The Missing Gems of Discipleship — John B. Macdonald
Life as a Christian Musician — Mireille Pruneau
Allowing a Place for Doubt in Your Youth Group — Heather Mitton
Conflict Over Canada Summer Jobs — Barry Bussey

While there are many stories, anecdotes and resources that celebrate breakthrough, we are also featuring a 2-part piece on the recent issues surrounding the Canada Summer Jobs government program. These societal shifts will have a big impact on local churches, ministry organizations and summer camps Canada-wide. We believe that it is important to be aware of what’s going on around us and be able to respond wisely and boldly for the sake of our communities in Jesus’ name. 

Finally, we are releasing the Love Is Moving app for smartphones! Be sure to flip to page 16 for instructions on how to download, enjoy and engage! This app will offer the opportunity to view exclusive content, win prizes, and challenge your youth group—be sure to check it out! 

Conor Sweetman
Senior Editor