Issue 56 is explores how we can be equipped to navigate broader cultural conversations about gender through personal stories and societal and theological reflections. Issues related to gender are complex and multi-faceted. As we each seek to honour God with our whole selves and accept our true identities, it can help to read about the joys and challenges others experience related to their gender.

This issue was created in that spirit—it’s an invitation to humbly and compassionately listen and lean in. We’re not alone; others share similar experiences and struggles too. And most importantly, this issue is a reminder that our Creator knows and loves us well.

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Letter from the Editor

In Our Community

Gender Identity and the Whole Self by Stephanie Massicotte

He, She or They: How Should We Respond to Pronouns? by Laura Gobbels

Beyond Gender Stereotypes in the Bible by Jeff Hawker

Naked, Awkward, Good by Lindsay Callaway (COMING SOON)

Femininity Is A Gift by Kristen Unrau

Avoiding Dating App Burnout by Meisha Watson

Storytelling and Positive Masculinity by Braeden Holmstrom

A New Kind of Christian Woman by Elizabeth Duarte


Love Like Eagles by Abby Ciona

Commenting on Culture

Finer Strokes: What Art History Can Teach Us by Josh Tiessen

Making Love Matter(s): The Gender Comparison Game by Melanie Beerda

Digging Deeper: When Love Interrupts, featuring guest columnist Caleb Unrau

Church of Many Cultures: The Eldest Daughter Club by Andrea Nwabuike


Love Is Moving interview with Sathiya Sam (COMING SOON)

Hope Amid Gender Dysphoria by Kyla Gillespie (COMING SOON)

Unmet Expectations by Jonathan Bryden

Singleness: What to Do With the Gift Nobody Wants by Karissa Sovdi

Healthy Consent by Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach

Reviews and Lifestyle

Behind the Screens: Old Story, New Kingdom by Steve Norton

Book and Podcast Reviews: (Word Made Digital and Prophetic Disability) (COMING SOON)

Artist Profile

For the Beauty of the Earth with Hannah Pawsey

Pandemic Album Explores Hope with Tuzee (Bonus artist profile)