Issue 55 is all about resurrection stories, large and small. We asked writers to share experiences of new life springing from old wounds or moments of confession and redirection. This is our first exclusively online issue. You can find all the content in this issue here as it is released.

Letter from the Editor

Some highlights in this issue:

Abby Ciona writes about how villain archetype narratives have changed over time, asking: what is good and bad about blurring the lines between villain and hero? 

What does Augustine have to say about our polarized, economically and politically unstable climate? Daniel Dorman turns to The City of God in search of hope while facing an uncertain future.

Spring-time is a seasonal reminder of new life emerging from winter’s dormancy. So too, Easter’s story is one of life, but it begins with death. Sarah Emtage reflects on grief and loss at Easter-time, and what it means to know that spring does come.

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In Our Community

Building Sabbath Rhythms by Jeff Hawker

The Redemption of Villains by Abby Ciona

Brain Redeemed by Kaitlin Dendekker

Church at Lunchtime by Jane Peck

The End is Just the Beginning by Caleb Unrau

Bringing Back the Buffalo by Adam Kline

Desert of Ambiguity by Bethany Martell

Disability and Work by Sammy Kyereme

Are You There, God? by Mikayla Nembhard

Lectio Divina With a Twist by Bonnie Beldan-Thomas

Pregnancy Loss and Heaven’s Mysteries by Alexandra Christine


March by Sarah Klassen

Magdalene in the Garden by Jaslyn Thienbunlertrat

The Son of Man by Taeryn Novak

Holy Saturday by Cody Adams

Commenting on Culture

Finer Strokes: Overcoming Creative Blocks by Josh Tiessen

Making Love Matters: Parting Ways With Nihilism by Bonnie Pue

Digging Deeper: What Does It Mean to Give With a Pure Heart? Featuring guest columnist A.E. Thorimbert

Church of Many Cultures: The Only Black Girl by Andrea Nwabuike


Love Is Moving Interview: A Rational, Mysterious Faith with Andrew Marcus

Resurrection Spring by Sarah Emtage

Finding Inflation, Fighting Bitterness by Daniel Dorman

Reviews and Lifestyle

Saving the Nobodies by Steve Norton

Book and Podcast Reviews: (Holy Schism and the Seeds Series)

Artist Profile

Reclaiming Wonder with James Paterson