Written by Conor Sweetman

What has been burning on your heart lately?  

For Issue 30 of Love Is Moving, I asked our writers to ponder the things that the Lord has been stirring deep in their spirits over the last few months. Christ wants us to abide with Him, intentionally turning our attention to the things that He is whispering with His still, small voice. 

His truth and His words offer us a breath of air in a world where it feels like we’re gasping for hope and sputtering to speak words of life. 

With the whirlwind news-cycle and our media-fuelled meditation, it is so easy to let the voice of the television seep into our spiritual consciousness—and before we know it, we’re doing everything but thinking thoughts that are pure, noble, praiseworthy. The words of the world cannot be the voice that fuels our inner life with Christ. Tuning ourselves to the frequency of God’s voice to our specific lives and circumstances is what opens us up to the possibilities of the kingdom of God. 

As you read the articles in issue 30, ranging from Alyson’s testimony of hosting an Alpha program in her highschool, all the way to a personal reflection of finding redemption from anorexia, I encourage you to think about what Christ has been longing to tell you in this current season of your life. Abide in his presence and you’ll find wisdom and hope for whatever you’re going through.  

Conor Sweetman

Articles in Issue 30

Student Side

Eternia & The Messengers
Where the Watermelons Grow — William Jones
A Diary of Anorexia & Redemption — Cassandra Wolfe
How to Not Take Offense — Katie Pezzutto
Faith After a Heart Attack — Beka Ermel
Everybody Always: Book Review — Sawyer Bullock
The Pain of Post-Camp Withdrawal — Mike Gordon
Is Christianity a Friend or Foe of the Environment? — Joshua Tiessen
What Happens at the Spaghetti Supper — Sophie & Rachel Tita
A Classroom, Pizza and a Whole Lot of Jesus — Alyson Smith
Lavish Grace — Andrea Nwabuike 
Shut Up and Pray — Jessica Bayus
The Tailspin That Idolatry Can Cause — Emily Cook

Leader Side

Because of Gracia Movie Review
How Could a Pastor Have Depression? — Ryan Farrell
A Coffee Shop’s Call to the Church — Josh Smith
The Difference a Hospitable Church Can Make — Jason Normore
The Practice of Being Fully Present — Alex Street
The Church Still Has a Role to Play — Barry Slauenwhite 
8 Qualities of Shepherd-Leaders — John B. MacDonald 
How I Learned to Stop Trying to Obey — George Zhou
What Do We Do When We Don’t Get What We Want? — Nupur James