Love Is Moving features writers from across Canada, telling stories of hope, beauty, diversity, and creativity that will inspire and challenge the faith of millennial and Gen Z Christians.

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This magazine would not exist without the passionate, dedicated work of our amazing contributors. They each offer their unique voices and perspectives to the online and print magazine, and we’re grateful they share their stories with us. You can get to know a bit about what brings them to this community below.

Abby Ciona
Love Is Moving is a supportive and encouraging creative community that has enabled me to grow as a writer and deepen my faith. I love being a part of a place where I can share what God is teaching me with other young Christians.”

Amanda Beaton
“I enjoy contributing to Love Is Moving because I feel it is a unique way for me to use my gifts to connect with and serve people while glorifying God. I really value having this space to express my faith creatively because I want to be able to share with others in a personal way and to me art is exactly that.”

Andrea Nwabuike
“I love contributing to Love Is Moving because each issue provides an opportunity to reflect more deeply on the application of the gospel to aspects of life and culture. Being part of a community of artists using their gifts to glorify God is encouraging and inspiring.”

Andrew Russell
“I love contributing to Love Is Moving because it is such a great outlet to share what the Lord has laid on my heart to others from coast to coast. I believe in the heart and mission of Love Is Moving and am honoured to be part of the writer’s team. I am all about creativity and the Kingdom and using my gifts to help encourage and challenge the body of Christ.”

Brenna Covelens
“I enjoy contributing to Love Is Moving because I don’t lose my voice, yet I can still share Jesus as the center of the story. Having space to express my faith creatively is valuable to me because I can express my thoughts in a safe place and receive kind and helpful feedback for what I write.”

Dagmar Morgan
“Writing for Love Is Moving gives me a direct line to sharing my heart for Jesus with our nation. It’s about community for me. To be known and to know other creatives.”

Danielle Grisnich
“Experiences of choice, faith, and grace enrich my understanding of God’s love, whether these experiences are my own or another’s. Love is Moving is an opportunity for me to both share my experiences and to see others better through painting, story, meditation, and verse.”

Francis Kalamba
“As a writer and poet, Love Is Moving has been a positive outlet for me to express my raw emotion and perspectives along my faith journey. In addition, reading about God’s involvement in the lives of other Christ followers has been a source of hope, reminding me that He never fails, no matter what!”

Jesse Kane
Love Is Moving‘s articles connect me to far-away Christ-followers that I would otherwise never hear from, and together we are united in an effort to build up God’s church from sea to shining sea.”

J.M. Bergman
Love Is Moving has been a welcoming and supportive community where I’ve been encouraged to dig deeper into my faith for answers to vulnerable questions surrounding my identity.”

Josh Tiessen
“Love is Moving is a thoughtful platform that encourages a diversity of perspectives from young adults across Canada. In an age of click-bait and reductionist media, I have appreciated the opportunity to carefully address challenging topics such as: Art and the Church, evangelicalism and Canadian culture, the ecological crisis, suffering and doubt during a global pandemic.”

Kristy Loewen
Love Is Moving has been such a blessing to write for. To be able to share my experiences and love for Christ in a creative outlet makes my journey seem more purposeful.”

Mike Gordon
“I love writing for this magazine because I completely believe in the ministry Love is Moving is doing across the country. It’s an incredible avenue to read creative and thought provoking insights from real people navigating this faith journey as young people.”

Robbie Down
Love Is Moving provides an excellent platform for Christian young adults to artfully present their stories. I have been blessed by the opportunities Love Is Moving has given me to thoughtfully express critical moments of my art and life in Christ.”

Sarah Evangeline
“I remember the impact Love Is Moving had on the youth group at my church when I was younger, and it’s a privilege to be a part of it today. Writing is a way to express myself, to be seen and heard, which is very healing and always brings me closer to God. Whenever I write for Love Is Moving, in the process, God does something inside my own soul, which is my favourite part.”

Sheridan Northeast
“I’m a youth worker at heart, so I enjoy contributing to Love Is Moving because it goes with my passion about youth. But also, the fact that you never know who will be impacted by what you do, and that is powerful. Having a space to express creatively is important because we’re each doing God’s work in different ways and it’s amazing.” 

Taleshia Patterson
“I love contributing to a diverse community of Christian thoughts and ideas. Writing articles forces me to take a deeper look into certain aspects of our faith and really analyze why I believe what I believe. Likewise, reading other people’s articles inspires, challenges, and spurs me on my faith journey. Our Christian community needs a space where we can share our stories and perspectives.”

Tara Ross
“I wish I’d known about the healing power of Love Is Moving as a young adult. Through this supportive community, I have had the opportunity to share my own past struggles as a teen and foster creative sparks for the next generation. Thank you for offering me this full-circle experience.”