In this issue, Diego Bascur writes about how we can humbly recognize the good and beautiful in Indigenous cultures and move toward a place of healing and unity. Taeryn Novak writes about “slowing to the speed of love”—how resisting the frenetic pace of life has given her more opportunities to respond faithfully now. In “Letting go so new things can grow” Sarah Robinson writes about setting aside an aspect of ministry to make room for another kind to flourish.

In our cover story, Adam Kline describes how the early Church marked Easter with feasting and celebration and why we should make this part of the Christian story the most notable and joyous part of our calendar year.

May these articles be an invitation, an encouragement, and a resource as you practise living as a steward of the gifts the Giver has given you.

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In our community

Give your time by Mike Gordon

Peace comes by J.M. Bergman (PRINT ONLY)

The Author by Jaidyn Vanderlaan

Mending two identities by Diego Bascur

Slowing to the speed of love by Taeryn Novak

What’s in your hands? by Lindy Brown

Making the most of introversion and extroversion by Abby Ciona

Loneliness rising by Matt V. Unger (PRINT ONLY)

Relevant and necessary churches by Shawn Naylor

Letting go so new things can grow by Sarah Robinson (ONLINE ONLY)

Stewarding friendships by Bethany Brown (ONLINE ONLY)

Living faithfully now by Riley Tridhardt (ONLINE ONLY)

Commenting on culture

Finer strokes: The hyper-sexualization of art by Josh Tiessen

Making love matter(s): Male strength worth celebrating by Bonnie Pue

Body and soul: Reclaiming your true voice by J.M. Bergman

Digging deeper: When the path is unclear by Josiah Piett

Church of many culture: Imprecatory prayers in African churches by Andrea Nwabuike


Love Is Moving interview: Meaningful creativity with Sarah Emtage

The greatest party of all by Adam Kline

Spiritually uncertain by Emily LaRose

Redemptive entrepreneurship by Ruth Marie Paterson

Reviews and lifestyle

Behind the screens: The uniting power of awards shows by Adam Kline

Music review: Exodus, As Isaacs; by Robbie Down (PRINT ONLY)

Book review: Every Body’s Story: 6 Myths About Sex and the Gospel Truth About Marriage and Singleness, Branson Parler; by Ruth Marie Paterson (PRINT ONLY)

Book review: Praying Like Monks, Living Like Fools: An Invitation to the Wonder and Mystery of Prayer, Tyler Staton; by Layton MacCabe (PRINT ONLY)

Book review: My Body Is Not A Prayer Request: Disability Justice in the Church, Amy Kenny; by Ruth Marie Paterson (PRINT ONLY)

Staff picks: Check each issue to see what the Love Is Moving team has been reading and listening to (PRINT ONLY)