We’re on the brink of something.

Though the seasons hang in the balance—snow falls mid-April as I write this—the sharp winter winds are dying down and spring is creeping in. As we look over the edge of one season into another, we’re fuelled by the anticipation of what is to come. Once we submit our last major project, once we check off the last box on the exam, once we hear the final shrill bell usher in our sweet summer, life will be GOOD…  

…Who are we kidding? In the back of our minds, we all remember the mid-July days when humidity and boredom combine as a force, causing us to fear we’ve wasted the precious few months of freedom. So, understanding our fickleness and easily swayed attitudes, now is the time to get ahead, while our energy and excitement allow us to look at the upcoming summer with rose-coloured sunglasses.  

Fortunately for you, issue 27 of Love Is Moving will help channel the solar-powered summer vibes into something you can use, something that will allow you to grow emotionally, intellectually and, most importantly, spiritually. Jesus Christ has plans for you this summer. Ask Him what He’s got on the docket for you and your community. 

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Student Side

Can Summer Camp Actually Change Your Life? — Hannah Beadle
Design Your Own ‘Summer School’ — Hailey Hudson
Instagram and Ministry? — Hannah Elaine Braden
Sunny & Spiritual Summer 2018 Must-Reads — Andrea Nwabuike
Should a Christian Smoke Weed? — Sawyer Bullock
Should We Take a Vacation from Church? — Rachel VanderWoude
Summer Camp Withdrawal — Katrina Martin
Music that Brings Freedom — Zac ‘ Zedgie’ Goerlitz
Why Do We Hide? — Josee Foster
Blurred Lines: On Being a Christian Artist — Layton MacCabe
What I Wish I Knew Before My First Missions Trip — Alyssa Esparaz
You Can’t Satisfy the Eternal with the Temporal — Abigail Morgan
What Hiking in the Woods Taught Me — Sarah Evangeline
Admitting You Aren’t Doing Well — Emily Cook

Leader Flipside

Love & Temptation — Shawn Naylor
The Winter is Past — Anne Fleetwood
Reflections on Being a New Dad — George Zhou
Life on the Road: Tips from a Travelling Speaker — Mike Gordon
An Understanding of Prayer that Makes a Difference — John B. MacDonald
MoveIn: How to Love Your Community in the Summer — S. Nguyen
Revitalizing the Youth Group Model — James Clarence
Church Camp: Making an Impact, No Matter Your Resources — Brent Bonvanie
The Ultimate Summer You Never Planned — Heather Mitton

Meanwhile, in the magazine we have a vast array of options for your enjoyment and encouragement. If you are drawn to sweaty, awe-inspiring hikes through the forest, we have a story about lessons we can learn from nature. If you’d rather look at your phone outdoors, there’s an article on using Instagram for God’s glory. If you like reading (blessings on you), we have a lovingly crafted summer reading list for your inspiration. If you’re a leader with a busy speaking schedule this summer, guess what! We have a piece especially for you. 

I’m looking forward to hearing how God uses this issue of Love Is Moving. The stories are full of the heat of the Holy Spirit, and I pray He will use these articles to allow you to truly make the most of summer 2018, for His glory. If you have thoughts, comments or stories to add, please email me at info@loveismoving.ca. I am continually inspired by the faith and action of our readers and writers, and I welcome you into the conversation of how God’s love is moving across North America. 

Conor Sweetman