Written by Melanie Kilsby

Incredible! This is Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice retold with a Christian perspective!

Subtle hints and flares of Emma are also seen throughout the story. Especially in the colourful conversations of Leorah and her friend. Leorah’s stubbornness to society and her feminine ignorance made this story quite hilarious at times. Her clumsiness was also charming.

I adored the character arcs for both Leorah and Edward, the Viscount of Withinghall. The duty to do good for opposing reasons was a perfect combination for these two.

The underlying love of Christ was, and is always, wonderful in this author’s stories. (She lives in Alabama. See MelanieDickerson.com.)

The only critique I have is that there wasn’t much “spying” going on. But, with that said, a seriously well told story took precedence to that very small fact. By far, my favourite out of all of Melanie Dickerson’s stories to date.

I rate it a solid 5/5 for this fantastic character driven Young Adult Christian Regency Story!