Written by Nathan White of Kelowna, BC

My prayer as a youth pastor for all the young people I get to mentor or lead is that they may understand they are chosen by God.

I have been involved with youth ministry for the past eight years, and in that time have enjoyed some really awesome experiences. Included in those memories are many students that I would say have succeeded beyond my expectations in their personal relationship with Jesus.

I make it a priority in my ministry to communicate to young people that God literally chose them and set them apart for a special purpose – a specific calling.

All of you, no matter what age you are, have been created for a specific purpose, to complete a particular assignment or series of smaller assignments for the kingdom of God.

When every individual lives out their calling, together we makeup part of a bigger picture to fulfil God’s plan in our individual lives and in the world.

Our goal as youth pastors is beyond playing fun games or having an amazing biblical lesson during youth group meetings. We have important messages we want you to take wherever you go. We want to see you succeed and flourish into the zealous, incredible individual God created you to be.

I asked a number of youth pastors what they pray the next generation might fully grasp by the time they graduate high school? Here’s what they had to say.

“It’s not making faith about themselves, it’s about making themselves like Jesus”

– Pastor Jordan Pilgrim, Kelowna, BC

“Simply that they know the truth of who God is.”

– Pastor Kirk Tasseron, Vetran, AB

“The love of Christ is the most radical message in the world. It has the power to transform your life, give you hope and purpose.”

– Rev. Chris Westby, Surrey, BC

“The influence and impact they have with their faith. Sharing it, having others commit their lives to Christ.”

– Pastor Tyson McCombs, Calgary, AB

God’s love for you is special, passionate, and irreplaceable. Your pastor wants you to know it, experience it and be changed by it.

If there are pastors or leaders reading this, be encouraged to keep praying for your students to comprehend the truth. Thank you for faithfully playing your part in God’s kingdom!

What does being a Christian mean to you? Jesus gave His life so I could live. So, I will follow Him all of my days.