Written by Nathan White of Edmonton, Alberta

Have you ever felt like God was leading you in a direction that doesn’t make a lot of sense? A path that looks foolish to everyone around you? Even you find yourself doubting His directions?

That’s exactly what happened to my family at the end of February, 2017. We packed up our car with enough clothes for a week, got our little boy strapped into the car seat and hit the road. We drove across Alberta from Edmonton to Canmore, stopped for the night, and the next day made it to Kelowna, B.C.

We didn’t have a plan or appointments lined up, but we just knew we had to come here.

We started looking for some places to live, praying that God would open a spot for us and give us favour. After a couple options that looked too good to be true, and one that looked terrible but attainable, we found ourselves feeling really discouraged.

We prayed again, “God we believe this is where we need to be, so take care of us and give us a place to live.” The next day we found a condo we liked, the owners asked us a few questions and decided they would like to rent it to us! A real answer to prayer in a rental market that is very difficult.

My wife and I don’t have jobs. We moved here with our savings and no prospects for work. To many it seems kind of foolish. I have had several internal battles when I think about the fact I led my family into a situation I don’t know how to get out of.

But then I stop and remember. I know how to hear God’s voice. I remember He has led me before and always been faithful to fulfil His promises. I believe He will do it again.

Something awesome happened when we came here. I found out my old small group leader from 10 or more years ago moved here a couple weeks before to pastor a church. We sat down for coffee to catch up and I told him this story of how we came to Kelowna and how crazy it sounds to most people.

He said something that day that really helps me when I experience moments of doubt.

“Never sell stock in what God has told you no matter if everyone around you thinks it’s crazy.”

He meant if you truly believe that God has told you something or called you to do something, it’s important to listen to Him. Don’t “sell your stock” or dismiss the promise of God in your life. You never know what it could turn into. But take time to pray about it and confirm it really is God speaking, because if it’s not Him the result won’t be pleasant.

Is God speaking to you about something you need to do? Does it seem crazy? Does it make no sense? My advice, don’t sell your stock in what God has promised you. He will always keep it. Always.

Who’s your favourite person in the Bible and why? Peter. His life screams the redemptive power and love of God towards us!