Written by Jakob Sawatsky of Winnipeg, MB

There are many reasons why I became a designer. People who know me well might say it comes from my native interests growing up: photography, videography, developing logos, blogs, websites and starting all sorts of new projects.

In all honesty the primary reason I became a designer is because I trusted God’s plan for me. I’ve come to enjoy developing things that I find appealing or intriguing while concurrently honouring God.

My hope is to transition from university and one day establish my own design company. These are my aspirations — however, in my life I’ve come to learn that they mean nothing without God. Proverbs 16:9 says, “The heart of a man plans his way but the LORD establishes his steps.”

My name is Jakob Sawatsky, I am a 19-year-old from Toronto. My passion and area of education is visual and environmental design. This includes graphic design, product design, UX (user experience) development, interactive technology development, visual arts and business/management. I am a student, a contributor, a leader and a friend.

There are so many companies I’d love to work for; so many things I would love to do and so many places I’d love to see. At times I feel like I am only focusing on opportunities that would take me in the direction of a self-fulfilling career, losing sight of what’s important. Having the courage to admit these things is what helps me move past my own desires and towards a life secured by God’s will.

In today’s society we are being given all sorts of mainstream guidance on how to become the next young entrepreneur. As a result, many people rely on the ignorance of ungodly wisdom to lead them toward that which the world offers as success. The truth is, it’s only through your receptiveness to true wisdom, your passion and a relationship with God, that will allow you find success according to kingdom standards.

It’s difficult to continue being faithful when the world around you aims to bring you down. In James 1, God says that for those who remain steadfast under trials, he offers a crown of life. If you trust God, people are going to challenge your faith. People will see when God is being put ahead of yourself through your wisdom and will — because they are from Him alone. And so we must continue to build relationships, be honest and hard-working.

One day, I hope to design ways to inspire a culture of spiritual interaction, through true leadership, wisdom and purpose in Jesus.