LAUNCH (a program of Youth Unlimited) comes alongside Christians aged 14-25, inspiring and equipping them to walk in their God-given potential. We love partnering with young people who have a community impact idea or a leadership opportunity they want to maximize. We match them with a Coach who meets with them once per month for a year (for free) to help them launch their idea and equip them to grow spiritually, in character and in leadership. 

LAUNCH has been working with young people for over 13 years. In doing so, we put together a set of mini-devotionals to equip young people in areas where they’re needing some guidance as they grow. We thought we’d share this resource with Love is Moving readers to help YOU grow.  

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Devotional 1 

WHAT ABOUT: The Spiritual Discipline of Margin?  

Spiritual Disciplines are practices we adopt in our lives that help us grow closer to God. The practice of margin is intentionally reflecting on your life and taking notice if there are too many things competing for your attention.  

Not having margin can cause you to feel overwhelmed, tired, irritable and unable to give your best to all of your responsibilities. It can also mean that you’re not making time for God.  

The definition of margin is: “An amount available beyond what is actually necessary.” Think of a page with no margins, with words typed all the way to the edges. Do you have margin in your life? Or have you filled your life all the way to the edges?  


Look up what the Bible has to say about margin:  

  • James 5:12
  • Genesis 2:2


What causes you to not have margin in your life?  

How would your relationship with God benefit from the practice of margin? 


Devotional 2

WHAT ABOUT: Serving Others?  

God desires that you serve Him and find immense joy in doing so. He wants to work in you so that He can work through you to touch the lives of people around you. He has served you by sending His only son to die for you. His motive was His great love for you and it compelled Him to this work on your behalf. The same love that was poured out on your heart should move you to come alongside others and serve them.  

He created you for good works and wants you to walk in them (Eph. 2:10). This involves a willingness to become aware of what needs exist in your context. These needs are all around you. People are waiting to be helped in your school, workplace, home, neighbourhood, church, sports club, etc. Will you open your eyes and heart long enough to be able to see the needs and choose to act on them?  

It’s important that you spend time discovering what your gifts, abilities and passions are because it’s through them that God will use you to touch the lives of others. God has given you resources to make an impact in this world so that people are drawn to the same love that fills your heart.  


Look up what the Bible has to say about serving others:  

  • 1 Peter 4:10-11
  • Galatians 6:2
  • Philippians2:1-10  
  • John 6:1-14


What gifts and abilities had God given you?  

How can you use the gifts and abilities God gave you to serve others around you?  

What needs are you meeting right now and how is it bringing you joy?