Written by Daniel Kim 

Every Friday, my Korean friend Joo-eun and I visit in the house of an older woman from our church to have fellowship together. Joo-eun and I are both from Korea, coming to Canada to study only a few short months ago. It was at Willowdale Baptist Church where we met Stefanie. Joo-eun and I both have grown closer to Stefanie through her care of our Korean friend Esther.  

At these Friday fellowships with Stefanie, we never miss the opportunity to help her video chat with another Korean friend, Esther, who has since gone back to Korea after experiencing great miracles at the hand of God. Every time we do this, we all end up in tears of joy, completely overwhelmed by His grace. What happened to Esther is a true testimony showing His unfailing love that transcends national boundaries. 

I have known Esther for more than five years since I ran some missional businesses in Korea. She was an amazing Christian with a great passion in mission work. When I faced some financial hardships in my businesses, she even worked for them without pay just to help me break through all the obstacles. Therefore, without any doubt, I expected her to be serving Jesus in an amazing way.  

However, I happened to hear the news that she got married to an African Christian in Korea, got pregnant, and faced some harsh racism and prejudice from her people. As a result, she had a fear of being around people and suffered alone to an extent that she was on the verge of giving up her study in Canada and her passion in music.  

Upon hearing of all that she had gone through following her marriage and pregnancy, God made me consistently pray for her both in Korea and in Canada. I never stopped praying for her and kept emailing her, assuming she would read it, so that she could have her life go forward and upward in God. I knew she had to come to Canada to finish her language course to get accepted to a college she applied for. I kept encouraging her not to give up her dream just for her marriage and pregnancy.  

I shared my prayer request at Willowdale Baptist Church and we prayed together for her, even though they didn’t know her personally, as Job broke through all his tribulations by praying for his friends, the unceasing intercessory prayers of the church reached Esther and started to move her in His way. She finally made it to Canada, and she became the first pregnant woman who topped her language institute and finally got accepted to Seneca College.  

However, when she finished her course and was about to go back to Korea for the delivery of her baby, it became difficult for her to take the flight. Additionally, her Plan B—which was to invite her husband to Canada—didn’t work out because the government didn’t issue any other types of visas to him because he’s a refugee in Korea. To make matters worse, she had to find a place to stay during the winter; it seemed obvious that she needed some help from above.  

Upon sharing this story at Willowdale Baptist Church, the people kept praying for her, and that’s when Stefanie stepped forward to share her residence with Esther and take care of her, not even expecting anything in return, like the Good Samaritan. The church organized a baby shower for her as if they had known her for a long time. In addition to this, with the help of a pregnancy care centre, Esther was also able to get help in many respects, ranging from baby clothes, financial supports, and finding a midwife for her delivery.  

God must have wanted everyone to be the witness of His miracles in Esther. Thanks to His unfailing providence and blessings from His people, she became a mother of a beautiful baby boy in February, and she has returned to Korea to be reunited with her husband. Now they are looking forward to coming back to Canada as one family to worship our Lord at Willowdale Baptist Church.  

Though the world was trying to separate us from the love of God by racism and prejudice, Jesus united us in love. I am still in awe just thinking about what happened to Esther, because it’s not what I did but what God did. Yes. His Love is moving among us.  

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” John 13:34