Compassion Generation 

This series is about youth who strive to make this generation one of compassion. They are responding to the brokenness in the world by taking action with Compassion Canada. We hope these stories inspire and encourage you. 

#SponsorSelfieDaySnapshots of a global movement of compassion! 

On September 15, Compassion sponsors from around the globe shared their sponsorship stories on social media—here are some highlights! 

As one person, it can sometimes be hard to believe your actions make a difference. But when you consider your actions as part of a larger movement, you start to see how each individual story works together to create a bigger and bigger impact. 

Compassion sponsors got a glimpse into the global movement they are part of on September 15—this year’s #SponsorSelfieDay—as social media flooded with photos and stories showing the impact of Compassion child sponsorship.  

We thought LIM readers would be inspired by some of the stories that were shared, too! 

@sashpaatz: “It’s been a year since I went to Peru to meet Naomi and her family. I haven’t been the same since! Don’t deprive yourself of the abundant blessings that come from supporting a precious child in need. After all, we’re all in need.” 

@therealalvinto: “It gives me so much joy to sponsor and share God’s love with Nathaly. What an honour it is to be able to make a difference in someone’s life!” 

@timothyandabigail: “We were so blessed to have the opportunity to meet our Compassion child James in the Philippines this past February. It was a day filled with emotions. We can’t wait to visit him again someday. It has been an amazing journey so far, and we are looking forward to the many years to come!” 

@emilyalexandramay: “This is my sponsor child, Mabel, from Ghana! Mabel is always in my prayers, but so are all the other kids around the world who are waiting for sponsors. If I could, I would sponsor them all. Since that’s not the case, I’ll start with Mabel and see where God takes us both from there.” 

@jacobperrry: “When I sponsored Kelvin, all I wanted was to bring him hope and change, but little did I know I was going to receive the same thing in return. He has truly changed my life and I am forever humbled and thankful for him.” 

@reigny32: “What’s our reason? Well… ‘do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.’ – Hebrews 13:16” 

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Some captions have been adjusted for length or clarity.