Written by Katie Pezzutto

Yesterday, I wasted an hour drawing my eyebrows on. Did they look good? Yes. But that’s beside the point. I spent approximately sixty minutes fiddling with an overpriced product that would make its way down the sink when I washed my face that evening.  

Because of this choice, my morning routine was shot. As I set my alarm the night prior, I anticipated rising to crisp air and blue skies, surrounded by a friendly smattering of bird chirps. I hoped to meet God in the stillness of morning. But because of my choice to Quasimodo hunch over a marble pedestal and draw caterpillars over my eyes, I missed it. 

This truth was apparent the moment I swung open my door and stepped outside. As I stood on my tiny patio, a rickety truck rumbled down our road. In the distance, one of my neighbours screamed obscenities at her sorely disobedient cat. The notification stall on my phone lifted and messages started dinging their way into my universe. Responsibilities, questions, and issues at the store I manage pushed their way in. The false idea started seeping in that I could run my life fiercely, adequately, and meaningfully without Jesus’s help. Because I chose to cancel the most important meeting in the world, I was a ship sinking fast. 

Let’s be honest, this little flub in morning routine is way more common than I want to admit. More often than not, I fill my life with things that will enhance my beauty and momentarily make me feel better about my appearance, life, and worth. 

Looking beautiful can bring a rush, but when we lean on that rush for our security and power, it quickly leads us to a downward spiral. Trends change. Beauty fades. Influence wanes. The people we want to impress won’t always be around. In the light and scope of our glorious eternity, our biased opinions of others (and their opinions of us) will eventually not even matter.

With this in mind, it’s important to evaluate our open-heartedness—and lack thereof—towards God. It’s wise and healthy to ask ourselves the question: Where do we need to open the door and let Him take root in our thoughts and hearts?

When I take time for heart scouring, I like to be outside. Because, my friends, nothing goes with penitence quite like sitting at the base of a mountain surrounded by the scent of pines, fresh water, and sunny air. When I visit my mountainous hometown, I often catch myself staring up at benevolent rock giants on all sides. I can’t help but stand in reverent awe, realizing I had nothing to do with the creation of all the beauty that surrounds me.

“My heart skips a beat as I revisit a simple truth: my Daddy is the God who moves mountains for me. Cra-zy.” 

Do you want to feel purpose beyond the mirror? I dare you to cancel your microblading appointment. Set down the Fenty foundation and Becca highlighter and avert your attention from your own reflection. Lift your eyes to the glory of God’s creation and ask Him to overwhelm you with His power. Nature is a reflection of His majesty and attention to detail. The Maker of that creation is where your help comes from. Sit in the stillness and wait for His affirmation and guidance. 

He is the only One who will be able to fulfill your heart’s deepest desires. Your Heavenly Father’s luminescent robe fills massive, heavenly temples. He came up with azure blue and scattered white sand over beaches. He breathes fire on your passions and cool air on your stressful situations. He alone is the answer—not models or magazines, and most certainly not an on-fleek eyebrow.