My name is Hannah Pawsey, and I am 15 years old. I live in New Brunswick, where I am being homeschooled, along with my three younger sisters. I have been doing art since I was three years old. Being homeschooled has given me great freedom to keep improving my art skills.

I particularly like working with watercolours and acrylics. I also use alcohol markers with ink pens for drawing and cartooning. The main themes I incorporate into my paintings are scenic landscapes and animals. I paint what I find beauty in, and I love to include flow, motion, and colour in all my work.

I am honoured to have been featured twice in a local art gallery as the Young Artist of the Month. I also feel privileged to be having my lion painting published in Love is Moving magazine!

My inspiration for this painting comes from Aslan in the Narnia Chronicles by C. S. Lewis. I wanted to portray the grace and majesty Aslan demonstrates as a reflection of Jesus.

My hope for the future is to be able to minister to others through my art.