Poems by J.M. Bergman

I swear that I’m intelligent

I swear that I’m intelligent
though that’s not what you might see.
Pain creates disguises
that overshadow me.
The shadows always call
though I rarely respond,
I’d rather hide behind false laughter
until the pain is gone.
But a wound still bleeds
and lessens life, even though I’ve turned away.
A bleeding heart ignored, still bleeds;
silence won’t take the shame away.
Can you see me?
Look into my eyes.
I long to be authentic
but I’ve been held down all my life.
I’m not who you think I am,
please don’t turn away.
I swear that I’m intelligent
but I’m smothered by this pain.

My inner child

Hello pain.
You’ve followed me here again.
I used to ignore you,
wishing you were dead.
But I’ve realized
your face is that of a child’s.
My inner child
reaching out in chaos
and dreams that are wild.
A face looking for strength,
searching for peace,
longing for rest.
So, hello, my inner child,
you are blessed.
I’m glad you’ve come.
You and I will heal together.
Two is stronger than one.