Canadian Christian podcasts that can start conversations, sharpen your creativity, and deepen your faith


This podcast brings the gospel to the relevant issues of life and faith that young adults face every day, cultivating conversation. The show hosts a range of Christian leaders speaking on subjects such as theology, art, relationships, mental health, marijuana, abortion, sexuality, and more. 

Canadian Asian Missional Podcast 

This bi-monthly podcast discusses all things related to being Canadian and Asian and joining God in His mission to renew and restore all things in this world through the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Word Made Digital, hosted by Joanna la Fleur

This podcast presents long-form interviews every week with Christian creatives and communicators—including preachers, filmmakers, artists, authors, event producers, songwriters, and entrepreneurs.

Apologetics Canada Podcast

The Apologetics Canada Podcast helps churches understand the language of our culture and address its questions with intellectual honesty, gentleness, and respect. Apologetics Canada also offers a podcast for kids.

The Long Way

Hosted by Cardus, this show offers short episodes with long perspectives on building the common good. It asks questions like, What kind of society do we long for? The podcast discusses politics, society, faith, and the media with a commitment to being thoughtful, not reactionary.

HerInfluence Podcast

Gather Women presents the HerInfluence Podcast, inviting women of faith across the globe to rise in their purpose and influence their world. 

The Puddcast, hosted by Jonathan Puddle

This podcast brings non-religious conversations about life, love, and God. Past guests include Wm. Paul Young, Brian Zahnd, Kim Walker-Smith, Priscilla Shirer, Brad Jersak, and many more. 

Youth Ministry Team Podcast

Youth ministries rise and fall on teams of volunteers, so this podcast is for the whole team. It tackles the practical questions that can encourage and equip those in youth ministry.

Bare Marriage, hosted by Sheila Gregoire

Tired of pat Christian answers about marriage? This podcast goes in-depth into marriage, parenting, and sex to see how we can live the passionate life we were meant for. 

The Ending Poverty Together Podcast

This podcast creates a space to talk about real causes and solutions for poverty, as well as the beautiful, messy attempts people all over Canada are making to help. It explores how ordinary people can engage to create lasting change.