Want new recommendations for books, podcasts, or other resources that will nourish your soul? Check each issue to see what the LIM team has been reading and listening to. 

Joel Gordon:
One Race One Blood by A. Charles Ware and Ken Ham

One Race One Blood is filled with scientific evidence and biblical insights. It sheds light on the invention of race and shows how the concept of different races isn’t biblical or scientifically sound. The approach to the topic of racism in this book is unique because it blends together the perspectives from theologians, scientists, and social scientists. It’s a great read for Christians wanting to learn more about racism and the concept of race.

Mark Stewart: 
The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill by Christianity Today

This podcast is a bit more on the intense side, but it’s such a good listen. The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill is a podcast series by Christianity Today. It’s a deep dive into the story of Seattle’s Mars Hill Church and its charismatic founder, Mark Driscoll. This series examines what led to the success of Mars Hill, how the church fit within the broader North American Evangelical culture, and how one of America’s most well-known churches fell so far. I found this a captivating podcast that leads to even more questions.

Ilana Reimer: 
Redeeming Sex: Naked Conversations about Sexuality and Spirituality by Debra Hirsch

This book challenged and broadened my understanding of what it means to be a sexual being. Debra Hirsch is gentle and wise; her understanding of how Jesus interacted with others on earth as a human is enlightening and encouraging. Drawing from her experience in the LGBTQ community, both inside and outside of Christianity, Hirsch calls the church out for hypocrisy and judgment and espouses a redemptive, grace-filled view of our humanity, sexuality, and spirituality.