Written by Mackenzie Griffin

This poem’s original form uses word art. To enjoy the word art version, please view the digitized print version.

Creator Sets Free, remind me of your presence, of your shining light.
May I look to the sky and be reminded of WHO you are.
Lord, there is a time for suffering and a time for joy.
A time to laugh and a time to cry.
In truth, I find I have been shedding more tears lately than
REJOICING in your goodness.
Yes, there is a time for everything.
But Lord, when will your healing come? Will I ever receive your blessing?

Then, I look around and see the land is beautiful.
The mountains to the west loom tall, a purple haze making the skyline
seem like a painting rather than real life.
The fog hovers above the lake and I can’t decipher where
the mist meets the surface.
It is beautiful,
even when I look out my window to see icy sidewalks and frozen windshields,
I know the Land reflects Creator Sets Free.

Genesis teaches us that human beings are made in God’s Image,
we are Loved and Blessed because Creator made it so.
But I know the Land matters too.
The Syilx people from whose land I reside have a saying:
We are Beautiful. We are Okanagan. Because our Land is Beautiful.
So, Creator help me. Help me to find love for myself because all I seem to see is nothing
but barren wilderness.
You are the Creator of All Things and you have labelled them good.
You have made me clean & holy.
I am set free.
So Lord, would you make me believe it.