An online space to meet other Christian young adult creatives and participate in a conversation on pursuing creative vocations—without being broke!

Hyper surrealist artist Josh Tiessen and Love Is Moving editor Ilana Reimer hosted a conversation on some of the challenges and opportunities that come with financially supporting a creative vocation. The larger discussion and breakout groups unpacked questions such as: How can a Christian worldview help guide us away from common pitfalls, such as becoming money or fame-driven? And what are some practical ways you can promote your work?

The event provided time to meet other Christian artists from across Canada. Its intent was to be community-building space for dialogue and shared learning. This event was sponsored by the Creative Collective, an agency and community established by the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (Love Is Moving‘s publisher) to facilitate networking, training and work opportunities for Canadian Christians who are performing artists, photographers, video content creators, visual artists, digital innovators, and writers.

The Creative Collective is also offering a commission of up to $1,000 for a creative project drawing from the theme Imagining Reconciliation. If you’re interested in pitching a creative project for the Imagining Reconciliation commission, you can find more information about the criteria and how to submit. Stay up to date about future Creative Collective news through this mailing list.

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