If you are interested in submitting your work for consideration, you can find the 2024 themes for our three annual issues below. We accept essays, poems, photography, and artwork. Please also be sure to read our submission guidelines before submitting.

We are currently accepting submissions for Issue 55, Spring 2024.

Issue 55, Spring 2024 – Resurrection

Submission deadline: January 31

You can email pitches or completed submissions to Ilana Reimer at ilana@loveismoving.ca.

For the spring issue, we’re looking for transformation stories, large and small. Some prompts:

  • Share your story of confession and redirection or a bad trajectory rerouted.
  • Do you see new life springing from old wounds?
  • What new perspectives do you have from past grief or hardship?
  • Have you experienced doubt and deconstruction leading to richer, enlivened faith?
  • Does prayer change you?
  • Have you ever followed an unexpected opportunity or new direction and been surprised by the good fruit that followed? 
  • What has been resurrected in your life? What still needs resurrection?

Issue 56, Summer 2024 – Gender

Submission deadline: May 31

You can email pitches or completed submissions to Ilana Reimer at ilana@loveismoving.ca.

In this issue, we’re exploring what it means to have a healthy view of gender and how we can be equipped to navigate broader cultural conversations about gender. Here are some writing prompts:

  • What positive forms of femininity or masculinity have been a source of aspiration to you? What forms do you seek to avoid, and why?
  • Write about a figure in your life who has modelled masculinity or femininity in beautiful ways.
  • Discussions on gender often centre on differences, and the problems that can arise from these differences. But have you encountered examples of inspiring partnerships and collaborations between women and men? What have these experiences taught you about working together?
  • Is there a particular story in Scripture that has brought healing or a recalibration in how you view your femininity or masculinity?

Issue 57, Winter 2024 – Salt and light

Submission deadline: September 30

You can email pitches or completed submissions to Ilana Reimer at ilana@loveismoving.ca.

For this issue, we’re seeking stories about spiritually and practically loving our neighbours–everything from the ordinary and mundane to the radical and remarkable. Consider the prompts below:

  • Has anyone shown up unexpectedly with a gift or an offer to help that impacted your life? Write about that.
  • Write about an experience where you were a stranger or isolated and experienced welcome. Or, where you were the one to extend a welcome.
  • Write about the sacrifice involved in sustaining a friendship.
  • Write about the small and often thankless ways love is expressed within a family.
  • Write about the funny, awkward, or successful things that happen when you try to befriend strangers. 
  • Write about an experience where you tried to show kindness to an “enemy.”
  • Write about a mentor who encourages and counsels you.
  • Write about the ways members in your church look out for and support you.
  • Write about love given or received on the margins of society.