Issue 55: Letter from the Editor

We live in a “good world that has gone wrong, but still retains the memory of what it ought to have been,” C.S. Lewis writes in Mere Christianity. We long for that good world, but we cannot reach it. So Christ reaches for us, crossing the gulf between perfect God and imperfect humanity. Not only does Christ rise from the dead, but he promises that we too, can live forever. Scripture is filled with impossible situations turned around, wrongs made right. Old ways are surrendered or destroyed. New, unexpected pathways of redemption emerge.

Issue 55 is all about resurrection stories, large and small. We asked writers to share experiences of new life springing from old wounds or moments of confession and redirection. This is our first exclusively online issue. You can find all the content in this issue here as it is released.

You’ll notice some other changes in this issue as well. After two years of writing insightful columns on practical theology in many aspects of life, Josiah Piett has transitioned away from being our regular columnist for Digging Deeper. You can find all of Josiah’s past columns here. He has covered a range of topics–from what imitating Christ really means, to social media practices, to discernment and walking through grief–all with a down-to-earth and thoughtful approach. I’m excited to share that Alan Thorimbert has stepped in as a guest columnist for Digging Deeper this issue, writing about generosity and what it means to give with a pure heart. 

As we strive to keep the magazine fresh and serve you well, sometimes that means taking new directions and ending good things. Last issue, we concluded our Body And Soul column, which J.M. Bergman has guided with a compassionate and sensitive hand since 2022. I’m so grateful for her wise additions to our pages (and I look forward to many more. You can still expect to see many of J.M.’s poems and articles in future issues).

Finally, we’re going to be changing up the Making Love Matter(s) column this year by adding in some new voices whose range of experiences can further enrich and expand the column. So stay tuned for that as well.

Grace and peace,
Ilana Reimer