Love is Moving (LIM), a ministry of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) was founded in 2010 by Joel Gordon and Benjamin Porter with the vision of reviving a biblical concept of love, challenging youth to grow deeper in knowing God’s love for them, and living out their faith with passion for Jesus and compassion for people. With a fresh vision of love, youth and young adults are challenged to put God’s love into action through EFC affiliates, various ministries, churches, service initiatives, mission trips and as a way of living.

LIM produced a bible study and journal for youth, a teaching tool for leaders (app), a TV series, events, and a national magazine.  United, across 500+ churches and 44 denominations, we tell the stories of young Canadian evangelical Christians. To date, we have printed 150,000 copies of Love Is Moving magazine, distributed 800 copies of our study journal, and engaged thousands of youth across the country who are featured in the magazine and TV series. God’s love is moving!

The founders of Love is Moving are increasingly convinced that empowering the next generation can’t be done by one ministry in isolation. We are truly better together. We model love by pointing youth and young adults to local churches and like-minded ministries so that together we can let our light shine brightly.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Matthew 5:16

In 2015, Love Is Moving was adopted by the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and the magazine, that was 12 issues in as a digital only publication was moved into print. Every two months, we publish 7,000 copies of Love Is Moving. Many copies are bundled with Faith Today magazine and they are also available for purchase in Chapters, Indigo and bookstores across Canada.

Will you help us connect with more youth and young adults in Churches, schools and ministry organizations? LIM magazine is unique because it’s written for youth by youth. The magazine also features the works of budding photographers, poets and visual artists – proclaiming together that we are God’s beloved.

The team is recently launched an iOS/Android app and hope to produce another season of the TV series. Join us and share with us how God’s love is moving! Join with us as we pray for the next generation.