How creativity helps us process and heal when things are tough

We are transitioning out of the pandemic, yet war and other tragedies still weigh down our news feeds. There will always be some world catastrophe that provokes us to ask, “Do the arts even matter?” 

Join a virtual discussion space on August 23 to talk about why art can still be vital in the midst of pain and suffering. Hear from two panelists, Ivanka Galadza and Andrea Nwabuike, on how art has been part of their own processing and healing, and how it can be so for us too. 

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About our panelists

Love Is Moving columnist Andrea Nwabuike is a writer and mental health counsellor living in Toronto. Her work often centres on the intersections of faith, ethnicity, and gender. You can find her column here and discover her latest writing at

Ivanka Galadza is a Ukrainian Canadian illustrator living in Ottawa. In response to the ongoing war in Ukraine, she helped launch Project Sunflower, where proceeds for her art prints go toward supporting humanitarian efforts in the country. Five Stalks of Grain, a graphic novel she illustrated on the Holodomor in Soviet Ukraine, is set to be released this November. You can find her latest work at

Make new friends

This event will include thoughtful discussion questions and time to meet other Christian young adult artists from across Canada. This is meant to be a community-building space for dialogue and shared learning. Bring your own stories and perspectives on this topic to share. 

This conversation is hosted by the Creators Collective, an agency and community established by the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) to facilitate networking, training and work opportunities for Canadian Christians in performing arts, video content creators, visual arts, digital innovation and literature.

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