Written by Jessica Crump of Toronto, ON

It’s that time of the year again, time for the spring heavy duty cleaning and organizing. Dusting off the shelves, donating old attire and getting rid of unused items are just some of the things on our to-do lists.

It’s important to press the restart button every now and again because it gives us a fresh start and enables us to bring new things into our lives.

In the same way we make time to clean and renew our personal space, we too need to refresh our inner being.

Everyday we are interacting, meeting new people, connecting globally through social media and overwhelmed by data.

So, it should not surprise us that we need to take immaculate care of our hearts and minds as we do with our homes or personal space.

What does this entail exactly? It means to forgive, let go and move on in love. Whether it’s a past relationship, a disappointment or a feeling you just can’t shake it off, allow God to help you heal.

Forgiving past hurts is always easier said than done, but moving on from previous pain is important for your own happiness and peace. Letting go of the past allows room for what is to come.

Make the decision to let go of bitterness or disappointments from the previous years – forget the former things. Maybe it’s time to call those who have wronged you or even those you have wronged and make amends.

The best days are ahead and you can only receive your blessings with an open hand, rather than a closed fist. Let love be the only language you speak!

Bettering your life starts with bettering you. Dust off the shame, throw out old problems and get rid of unnecessary memories. It’s time for soul cleansing.