Written by Abigail Zantingh of New Lowell, Ontario

There are times when the phrase “going with the flow” feels like a life necessity. In fact, I would say it is a spiritual necessity – not in terms of apathy, but in terms of following God. If I could tell a fellow brother or sister in Christ anything, it would be to go with God’s “flow.”

Quite recently I landed in India and I forgot my wallet at home in Canada. I arrived at the Indira Gandhi International Airport knowing not a person and having not a penny to my name – quite a predicament in an entirely cash-oriented culture.

I cannot describe the hours of terror, but now I look back and see plainly when Jesus said, “And surely, I am with you always, to the end of the age” (Matthew 28:20). Jesus did not say this just to say something nice and uplifting for the folks in the present and 2,000 plus years from now. Our God is a sovereign God who meant every word down to the last drop of crimson blood He shed on the cross when He gave His life to show us the depths of His truths.

I recently learned from Matt Chandler, pastor of the Village Church, about how shepherds sometimes cared for a sheep with broken legs – they would carry it on their shoulders until the legs healed. In India, it felt like my legs got broken. A messy, painful break. I could think it was my own love and devotion for God that got me through – but if I’m honest, I know this isn’t true. It was God’s love and steadfastness that helped me survive. When you experience how He carries us on His shoulders, you’ll never want to leave His side.


God created this world, and He controls it. His will has been determined since before He even created us. We can’t figure it out and we don’t need to. To be honest, the adventure is in not knowing. When we let go and go with God, that’s when we come alive. Our life is no longer ours. So let’s flow with God and in the future that is His.

I mean, come on – God knew I would be stranded in India. But my greatest testimony yet has been from this experience and going with God’s “flow.”