Written by Jessica Bayus of Winnipeg, Manitoba

Colloquial, trendy expressions are used to communicate with others. Most of them sound funny to those who aren’t use to speaking that way. In the early 1900s “get a wiggle on” meant “better hurry up,” while in the groovy ’70s “get a boogie on” meant “let’s hit the dance floor.” “Banana oil” meant “doubtful,” and “you shred it, wheat!” meant “you said it.”

Although we still use plenty of traditional expressions, acronyms such as YOLO, LOL, and BRB surfaced on social media and have become a part of our everyday vocabulary – some even make their way into formal university or college essays.

“Bae” is a common word derived from “babe,” in other words, “my love.”

Although “bae” is a cute word used to describe a significant other, I began to think about what other meaning it could have. I started to wonder if Jesus is my bae. My definition however is, “before anyone else.” I asked myself, Is Jesus my Before Anyone Else?

In Matthew 22:37 Jesus says, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” Do I love the Lord like this verse tells me to?

The popular I Am Second videos may ring a bell. These are many testimonial videos where individuals tell the viewer that they are second, God is first.

Bailee Madison caught my attention. At just nine years old, Bailee shows me what it means to be under the umbrella of God’s care. She talks about her love for acting and shares the way she, together with her mom, will politely say, “We’d like to pass on this one,” if the movie content is something God wouldn’t approve. Starring in any film seems like an incredible opportunity that a person would be crazy to pass up, but Bailee is doing this for God. She loves Him.

Bailee shows me what it means to be under the umbrella of God’s care.

I wonder what this love for God looks like in your life? For me, it means giving my worries to Him. As I do, I feel lighter. The worry may still be there, but I know in my heart that my bae – God – will protect me because I treasure the truth of His word.