Written by Shawn LaVie of Mermaid, Prince Edward Island

Over the years, as I have gotten older, I find myself less involved in physical activities. I have always enjoyed testing my physical limits in different sports, and when actively participating in any game, I try not to be someone who I refer to as an obnoxious competitor (I do not always succeed). An obnoxious competitor is another term for a sore loser.

I have been on both sides of the coin when it comes to competition. I have gotten caught up in striving to be number one, and forgotten about the love I’m commanded to feel in my heart for the other competitors. A desire to climb to the top and be number one is the opposite to what Jesus taught, but that does not mean that we cannot compete in a sport and strive to be the best at what we do.

Here are a few tips I use when I find myself in a competitive environment, whether it is in the workplace, amongst friends, strangers, or sports.


The person you are competing against is valuable. Their talent or gifts challenge you to work hard and push yourself to be better. Without their God-given talents you would not have someone to compete with – that is healthy competition.


Pray that he or she may do the best they can, and that they may find joy in the sport and competition. Pray that they in turn give all glory to God for their ability to perform.


Take time to communicate with God regardless of what you are doing. Find time during the event to reflect, pray, meditate on God, give thanks, or simply show God’s love to your opponent.

Remember that we are called to show others the love, compassion, patience and leadership Jesus showed.