Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are special days because we get to celebrate your love, hard work, beauty and strength. Thank you to all of the mothers and fathers who have raised us to be God-fearing individuals who love people and the world back.


To my beautiful wife, and mother of my son,

Sarah, you astound me with your beautiful spirit and loving nature. I am the most fortunate man in the world to be able to share in the experience of you and Jacob’s mother-son relationship. From the moment we found out you were pregnant something changed in you. You were born to be a mother. Thank you for everything you do for your boys! And thank you for raising our little man with such grace and love. You are so capable of motherhood and Jacob is so in love with his mama. Happy Mother’s Day, Sarah!

Jacob & Nathan

To my Mom,

Mom, thank you for the many years you have loved me, prayed for me, nurtured me, and cheered me on. You are an amazing encourager and friend. I am externally blessed to have you as my mom! You’re the best!


Dear wonderful mother of my awesome children,

On this special day I want to celebrate your greatness. I want to celebrate you. You are the most dedicated and passionate person I know and it shows how great you are by the amazing children you have.



There is little that I haven’t said to thank you for how much you do, how much you love, and how much you care, not only for me but for everyone around you. Know that today, much like every other day; you are so appreciated and valued not for all the things you do but because of who you are and how important you are to everyone who knows you.


Thank you mom for always accepting me and loving me with open arms xo.


My wife is a wonderful mother to Victoria (our 15-year-old daughter). She is also a wonderful mother and Christian. She constantly listens to me as I try and tackle difficult theological beliefs, and supports me fully in seminary. She is stronger than me, which results in her sharpening me. God has blessed me through her, and works through her to help me. I love my wife, happy Mother’s Day!

Love you always,


To my Dad,

Hey pops! Your shoes still look mighty big to me even though I am grown up and have a family of my own. I imagine that they will always be big to me. I strive to be a good dad like you are. I look back on my childhood with fondness remembering all the moments we shared as father and son, as buddies. Thank you for carrying for your family and for providing us with our needs, with many wants, and opportunities to make memories that have lasted forever. Love you dad! Happy Father’s Day!

Nathan W.

Happy Father’s Day to the most loving dad I know. I appreciate everything you did and still do for me. Every sacrifice you made to ensure I never lacked anything. I love you and I am grateful to be your daughter.


Thanks, dad. From teaching me to ride bikes to drive cars, always been there for me.



Sometimes you’re funny, sometimes serious, but you are always willing to love, always willing to listen, and always willing to help everyone around you in the best way you know how. Although we’ve had our ups and downs you are still the first symbol of love from a man that God has given me, I am grateful for that, and I hope that someday I am loved by my husband, just as much as you love me.