God forgives and also provides us with grace so we in turn can forgive too.

Written by Shawn LaVie of Mermaid, PEI

Forgiveness can be one of the most difficult struggles in life. All cultures know the moral obligation and need to forgive. But in the Christian faith, something even deeper is experienced – forgiveness is commanded of us by the Lord Almighty.

Something wonderful happens when a Christian forgives. Grace is abundant, and the Holy Spirit is working His magic within us, which in turn can strengthen us.

It is because of the forgiveness of sin and the righteousness of Christ that we are saved, so we share a very unique experience with God because of forgiveness. God forgives, and also provides us with grace so that we in turn can forgive.

That isn’t to say, however, that this is an easy task. It can feel far more comfortable to hang onto anger and negative emotions toward people who have done you wrong.

Let’s say your father was a professional athlete, and passed on an athletic gene that enabled you to also be a professional athlete, and then taught you as well. Regardless of how difficult the journey to become a professional athlete may be, it’s undeniable that a unique bond or experience is shared between father and son or daughter.

The Lord our Father passes along the Holy Spirit, giving us the ability to forgive. The Scriptures teach us as well as give us tools so that we may learn how to forgive. Using the analogy of the athletic father, it can help us appreciate the unique bond we have with God in regards to forgiving.

So, I pray that this summer, as animals have awakened from a long winter slumber, and plants come to full bloom, allow us all to awake from a long winter slumber and allow forgiveness to bloom through grace which is provided to us all. Amen.

Who’s your favourite person in the Bible and why? Jesus because He is my Saviour and John because of his unique gospel testimony.