God has opened doors, created partnerships, provided funding, and brought in great people to bring Love Is Moving to where it is today. One of those people is Crileidy Liriano. Crileidy joined Love Is Moving as the senior editor of the magazine when we were at a crossroads — we were not sure what was next. God brought Crileidy into this ministry and used her to bring writers together to enhance the content of the magazine. As of the end of June, Crileidy stepped down from her position as senior editor and is embracing what God has next for her. We are thankful for all of Crileidy’s tireless sacrifice and work to establish Love Is Moving as the eminent youth magazine for Canadian Christians.

Again, we prayed asking God what is next. God replied swiftly with an extremely gifted young man named Conor Sweetman. Conor graduated from Tyndale University College and Seminary in Toronto this past spring as valedictorian of his class. Readers will already be familiar with him through the columns he has written in past issues. So, let us introduce you to our new senior editor… drum roll please… Conor Sweetman! This is just another testimony to the commitment God has to you, the reader, as you play a definitive part in the movement of love across Canada!

And that is not all! God has opened up bigger doors for Love Is Moving to be once again broadcasted on television. There is a new and exciting TV show coming out this fall called Outside the Box With Sheldon Neil. It will air in a prime-time slot, Fridays at 8:30 p.m. on YES TV (www.yestv.com). Love Is Moving will have a segment in this show to highlight how young people across the country are being transformed by God’s love and taking steps to live it out in powerful ways.

Please continue to keep us in prayer as we watch God work for the sake of His kingdom in you, our readers.

We can’t wait to see what God will do next! We pray God will use you!

‘Til next time,

Benjamin Porter and Joel Gordon, Co-Founders of Love Is Moving

Words from the Editor

Is love on the move?

A few months ago, I was honoured to be named the Senior Editor of this magazine. Since then, as I gathered, investigated and edited, I heard jaw-dropping stories of God’s power as I listened, my coffee getting cold. I saw snapshots into youth groups and organizations that are pursuing justice relentlessly. I recognized the love of Jesus embodied before my eyes in a hundred different faces. As the new editor, I have the opportunity to turn these moments of “Thy will being done” into articles and stories to encourage and inspire each other as young Canadian Christians. This magazine is a physical representation of how love is truly on the move; I hope that it gives a glimpse into how we are all involved in the story of God’s will being done on earth as it is in heaven.

Conor Sweetman