Written by Andrew Porter of Cambridge, Nova Scotia

When people are shopping for a particular item they tend to look at the label of the product to see what the brand name is. Have you ever gone from rack to rack or aisle to aisle or webpage to webpage looking for that one name? I have. In our culture we determine a product’s worth by the name on its label. Sadly, we have carried this over in our judgment of people.

We live in a generation where a lot of young people today are asking the question, Who on earth am I? We allow so many different voices to label us and define who we are based on our appearance, social circle, past, interests and hobbies, intelligence, where we work, where we shop, university major, relationship status, popularity. As a result, people are walking around feeling insecure in who they are and where they belong.

If you are placing your confidence and trust in Jesus Christ for your salvation, then according to Colossians 3: 1-4 you are forever joined, linked, and chained to Jesus Christ! Your identity is found only in one place: Jesus. But what exactly is your identity in Christ? Paul, the writer of Colossians, tells us in Colossians 3: 12 that we are chosen, holy, and dearly loved! If you have been around the Church for the past couple of years you might have come across the song “Good, Good Father.” Part of the chorus goes like this: “And I am loved by you / It’s who I am, It’s who I am, It’s who I am.” I love how that repeats. We need to hear that over and over and allow God to speak that over our lives.

You are free to receive it.

You are loved by the Universe Maker! That’s who you are! You are unconditionally loved by God for all eternity despite the sin, the habit, or addiction in your life.

It is who you are. You are a loved, cherished, and prized son or daughter of God Almighty in Christ both now and forever! When you begin to see and embrace who you truly are, you will find rest, freedom, and security in the One who defines you. The One who made you and formed you in your mother’s womb is the only one who gets to speak the first word and final word over your life. And He is saying: “You’re mine! You’re holy! You’re pure! You’re spotless! I love you!” These are constant, unchanging truths about who you are.

Who’s your favourite person in the Bible and why? At the moment, besides Jesus, Job. He endured so much suffering, but by staying patient and faithful he was blessed tenfold.