A glimpse into Diamonds by Dagmar Morgan 

Diamonds is a collection of poems that are a testimony to the healing power of Jesus. Dagmar Morgan tackles topics relevant to modern life and the dynamic journey as a woman of faith. Fiercely honest, Morgan writes as if to save her life as she shares stories  and passion for growth. Her  writing stretches the vast in-betweens of life and death, abuse and  betrayal—and, finally, love and redemption.  

Diamonds is a manifesto of the perseverance and trust of running toward God with all we have even in the midst of doubt. I hope that my journey through poems can bring light, and words of description to things others struggle with but cant always name. I wanted to show that even today Jesus is so relevant and alive and with us on the journey. 



i became a closed mouth half smile.
learned to wear survivor like a pullover sweater.
there are no questions
when you look pulled together.
you don’t see the broken feet of the ballerina just the pirouette.
you could say  that I’m a really good dancer. 

but each day my stomach a sucker punch of emotions.
inside i was falling apart for days at a  time.
i took this as proof that I was not resilient.
i did not bounce back.
i was coal in a Christmas stocking. 

but jewels that are heavy with purpose
do not bounce.
they take strength to lift.
not everyone will be able to hold on to something so precious.
some people will walk away from things they can’t afford. 


a diamond is small, but it can cut through anything.
they can survive impact and still not be broken.
they can withstand temperature change,
so  turn up the heat. 

if each struggle is a gem in the crown I wear,
then  each day crown me again.
how can i take these rough-cut pieces
and  buff them to shine back salvation?