Written by Dagmar Morgan


this is your invitation to the table.

I have set a place just for you.

you may not know me very well,

we may not be the best of friends

but I know

that no one else can take your place.

each letter on your namecard spells “loved”.

it spells “I have been waiting for you. welcome home. I am so glad you are here.”

bring nothing & leave with everything.

dine on the mercy that you have longed for.

lay down the suffering you have carried to this table;

for too long you have feasted on heartache, brokenness, hurt, loneliness…

we all know hunger; it is the cry of life,

a cry that we are not done.

the suffering pulled from my skin

is a common thread that pulls us together.

Here, I serve my wounds as a replacement for yours.

see the breaking of bread 

as my body broken for you.

it is the breadcrumb trail back to my heart.

there is no recollection of wrongs,

just a re-collection

of yourself as I see you:








Good Enough – who told you, you were not good enough?

come empty and leave full to the brim.

with your thirst,

see the new wine I pour 

into old wounds

My blood poured out for you

is a love story

written in via dolorosa red

onto the cross. 

see how I put it all on the table for you.

with your search for love you need look no further

than my face

you are more

than the apple of my eye

you are a seed

I planted just to watch it grow

your acceptance of this is the sweetest smell

rising to the heavens.

this is our story, 

not even death can separate us.

in a world that says there is no free meal

come my table and see that I have already paid for you.