Written by Katherine Aliya

Honest rebellion,

or layered deceit?

The stretching of time,

or the moving of feet?

Why in this place

(where the righteous are free!)

do I stumble,

and stutter, and

spit on

my victory?

There are many choices to be made even after the point we are saved. This poem speaks specifically to my refusal to own up to the areas where I am failing and rebellious. They exist, no matter the fact that I grew up in a Christian home or anything else. We cannot lie to the God in whom there is no darkness at all; The temptation to deceive myself is also very present.

When I spread too little action over too many days, I call it “stretching time”—it is such a contrast to the quiet decision involved in growing effectively. Amazingly, even in my life and freedom, I seem doomed to either fail or become incapable of communicating what is most important. Even worse, I disrespect the great gift. This poem is an expression of how ineffectual I am on my own. The format of questions is meant to challenge the reader to examine their own failings and need for forgiveness, even after giving their life to Christ.