Written by Awosunrun Oreoluwa

In 2014, I gave my life to Christ, and it has been completely changed ever since. Even though I grew up in a Christian family and in a country, where being a Christianity was something we did mostly because our parents did it, this experience was different—it was an indescribable joy that can only come from knowing and loving God. For the first time, I read my Bible and the words came alive unlike ever before.

This experience of God’s love and goodness compelled me to want share about Jesus with everybody; I wanted everyone to know about this God who comforts, gives hope, sets people free, and how the joy you experience from knowing Him can’t compare to anything else in the world. This led me to my university campus, where it was heartbreaking to see students with no understanding about God and His love for them. I wanted them to know about the hope that I have, and the God who gives rest So, when I joined a Christians group on campus called Power to Change, I also joined the evangelism team, because like Paul said in Romans 10:14-15, how can they believe in Him who they have not heard?

Through this experience, I learned a lot about my faith and why it was important to talk to people about God and what Jesus Christ has done for them; some of the questions and doubt I had about Christianity were answered during some of these moments. Through my nervousness and fears, I learned to trust that my strength and wisdom comes from God and not me—all I had to do was rely on him. It was really cool to see how simply sharing my story from a Christian perspective, or listening to someone share their thoughts on some of life’s big questions could go a long way in cultivating a person’s curiosity about God.

During the last week of 2015, I attended a conference for the Christian group I was part of, and it was a life changing experience. Here, I learned about God’s heart for the nations and how He has commanded us to “Go”; at this conference I felt God calling me to go to the nations. Even though I did not know what it would look like, or what to expect, I knew God was calling me. And so I went! I travelled to Peru and a country in North Africa where God moved in my life powerfully.

God led me to students who had the same interest as I did in music and television shows, which became a way to connect with them more personally. God showed me that as much as Missions is aimed at reaching people for Christ, it is primarily intended for me to experience God and know Him more. Even though It might be just a very small part of His great work, it was a significant part, because I was able to be a part of God’s reconciliation work, bring His people back to him. In Peru, It was incredible to witness how God could still work in and use my limited knowledge and understanding of the language to draw people to Himself. While fundraising for these trips, God showed me that to everyone He calls, He also equips. His power is being made perfect in my weakness, and His glory and light is being reflected towards others.

I am preparing to embark on another journey to experience and know more of Him; to deeper understand His love for His people in a different part of the world, and share about how He changes lives and the indescribable joy that comes from knowing Him. I am excited, delighted, nervous, scared, and as God makes clear his plan, I am learning to trust, wait, and follow. It’s His mission, His people, and He knows best when and how to carry out His great plan of reconciling the nations to Himself, and I am thankful for the small but significant way that I fit into His plan.

After all, I am just an ordinary girl who is immensely loved by a good God who has a great mission—and I am delighted to be a part of it.