Words by Sarah Evangeline

Something extraordinary happens when I walk through God’s creation. The core of my soul feels the most at home when I’m among the trees, with rocks, rivers, and mud beneath my feet. It’s as though I can see the beating heart of God in front of my eyes, and it becomes an extremely authentic experience. The Spirit of Life releases pure joy into my bones as I venture into His jungle. I become alive when I step into the wonder of His creativity. 

I call this transcendent curiosity: leaning in to hear a melody from heaven that engages us to trust in God above all else.

I experience the joy of dependence and the thrill of needing God. I can move from despair to hope, from needing control to freedom, from hate to love, or from just “feeling” good into focus and discipline. Jesus says, “Get away with me and you’ll recover your life” (Matthew 11:28). He doesn’t just promise to recover our life, He invites us to get away with Him first. 

I have a dream, where instead of putting bandages over our pain and staying victims, we are able to walk, having been restored to live the life we’ve been made worthy to live.

Music is constantly being played from heaven. Can you hear it? I can. I can when I lean into this transcendent curiosity. It’s a sense of wonder, a profound intrigue, and a fascination with eternal drama.

The number one ingredient in order to hear that music is a teachable spirit. You can believe in anything, but having the willingness to continue to be taught deepens that belief. We need to hear the music by learning with our ears, instead of our tongue. 

Faith is not the absence of doubt; it is the means to overcome it. Doubt leads to questions, which results in growth. The more you grow, the more questions you’ll have. The greatest gift is on the other side of your doubt. It’s okay to have a head full of doubt and questions, but don’t let that be your end. We need the gift of mystery because it’s where this transcendent curiosity is born. We can all step into this journey of a lifetime—learning the art of faith.

“It’s okay to have a head full of doubt and questions, but don’t let that be your end.”

What is the focus of your life? We desperately need God’s influence over any other agenda. If we’re caught up in the distractions and other noises of the world, we will miss the experience of where our curiosity can bring us. We can fully abandon ourselves to God and join Him in the dance. He is inviting us all to join in the music.

Every day we can draw closer and closer to trusting God completely. The reward is life and more life. The music is playing. It’s all around you (James 1:1-19). Will you let God take you into the unknown? 

He will take you to a place where no one else has ever gone. Take a risk and step into God’s wild jungle. Listen with your ears and relinquish those tough questions. Allow yourself to feel God’s terrain beneath your feet. Focus on what is laid out before you, so that you, too, can feel and see the beating heart of our Creator. Are you willing to join in the dance?