Written by Ulla Mia

I’ve seen enough of this world
To know the dangers that lie ahead
I’ve dripped enough of my life away
To no longer fear joining the dead

Tears and scars cover my heart 
Blood dried where no soul can see 
Flashbacks burn my mind like flames
Will these battle wounds ever heal?

This mask I wear no one can find
A mask built from all the memories
Of who I used to be, how I behaved
But behind these eyes are sadness and tears

Tragedy so hidden steals your identity 
Fog clouding away who you are today
I don’t remember how I used to laugh
All I hear is the noise behind this face

My own energy is too much for me
The weight of this mask weighs me down
Now it begins to crack, slowly but surely
Letting tears and fears become found

Vulnerable and still in hiding
Don’t let too much slip past the cracks
It hurts so bad to let this image go
It terrifies me to be seen this way

Maybe God is trying to take this thing
Take away the lies within this mask
So I’m not left a damaged product
Broken by the battles I’ve seen