Written by Mandi Leblanc

In the bittersweet echo

In the bittersweet echo 
Of “the Lord is Light” 
I painfully watched as the days turned to night. 

You could hear the gnashing
Of the serpent’s teeth
As he stood in the doorway 
With a welcoming greet. 

I resisted temptation,
The urge to go in. 
But the temptation grew more
As the days grew grim. 

I took a step closer 
Because it tasted so sweet. 
And that’s where you have it, 
I succumbed to the greet. 

It was terrifying, windy, 
A blizzardy storm, 
I couldn’t crawl out, 
And sin took its form. 

It was over and over, 
I fell into trouble. 
On this rock
He said I would stumble. 

And so I did—and I stood in this mess, 
Which was the perfect place. 
The place to confess. 

Forgive me, Lord, for all of my sins. 
And lead me to the place
Where I can start again. 

So I humbled myself before the Lord, 
And once again, 
A two-string cord. 


Consider this repentance 
As I come before the throne 
Cleanse me of whatever 
That would keep me from my home 

My home that is heaven 
Without shackles and chains 
Just the presence of the Lord 
Dancing in my veins

The joyous songs of the angels 
Rejoicing all is well 
The most intimate of feelings 
I had before I fell 

So I’m releasing all this to you 
The things that I have gripped 
That only grew and multiplied
On the day that I had slipped 

Fill me fresh oh Holy Spirit 
Make me godly through and through 
So that when people go to talk to me 
They’ll ONLY be seeing YOU