Written by Ilana Reimer

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is taking part in a new national research project on family faith formation. In support of this study, Love Is Moving is delighted to share these stories with you, touching on some of the diverse ways parents can contribute to their children’s maturing faiths.

Family is a tough, fierce, painful, beautiful thing. Whether it’s our church, adopted, or biological family, there can be times when it doesn’t seem worth it, and other times when we’d give anything to have it, or regain it.

The stories in Issue 41 unpack this baffling mix of resonant heritage and deep hurt. Some writers courageously chose to write about circumstances that weren’t easy to revisit, others recalled happy memories where their parents loved them well. There are three key threads of hope running through this issue.

We are not meant to figure out life alone. As Jayda Hooge and Francis Kalamba powerfully express, parental legacies can shape the trajectories of their children. Often, these lessons seemed scary or limiting at the time, yet in hindsight, they become the roots of courage and God-honouring priorities.

Family can be found in unexpected places. Not everyone comes from a safe, loving home or a place where they can learn about Jesus. Laura Heming Phillips and Natalie Frisk offer reminders that profound family relationships can be found within the Church.

But no matter the circumstances, every earthly family is a pale echo of the true belonging and family we’ll have one day. Megan Little and Ulla Mia focus on how our relationships with God transcend our current lived experiences.

May you have hope as you read these stories of growth, love, and faith amid life’s ups and downs.