Written by Sarah Evangeline

Creativity starts to form at a very young age. When you climb a tree for the first time, when you see how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, or when you build your first snowman.

No one sees the same pattern of life that you do. You have your own lens to see our Creator at work and have the invitation to join Him in what He is already doing.

Take a look out of your window. Do you see all the colours? Do you see how the breeze touches the trees and the sun rises each day? When it snows, do you notice no two snowflakes the same?

You and I serve a marvelous, creative God.

He is the Father of creativity and as He forms us, He gives each of us a unique design. You and I may look out the same window, yet we both see a different light.

You and I were given creative minds and creative beings. Your creativity may need nourishment to grow, like sunlight and water fuel a plant’s growth. But it’s there, planted and waiting to burst from inside you.

You may start out dreaming of one specific thing, but throughout life, even ordinary events lead to new awareness, new questions, new hopes, and new desires.

Be conscious of this daily process, being fully present and expectant. It’s those small, daily steps that take us to the next place. The outcome almost always looks different than we first envisioned, but this is what makes life beautiful and leads to wonder.

Wonder is our birthright. To wonder is to stand in disbelief, but so many of us are afraid of doubt and failure, we don’t dare enter that doorway.

Instead, we fill our hallways with answers that sometimes have nothing to do with the truth. We will always lose track of true life when we let our judgments take root where wonder was meant to grow.

I experienced repeated trauma at a young age, which led to a life of anxiety, manipulation, and an unhealthy form of love. It was like I was living behind a shattered piece of glass—only seeing a world of black and white through a distorted lens.

My life was numb, and the more I kept chasing after God’s love instead of resting inside it, the more I lived under the lie that my creativity didn’t matter. 

Wonder helps us see the world in colour once more. We can wonder without answering any of our questions just yet.

In her book Switch on Your Brain, Dr. Caroline Leaf calls this “directed rest.” She says when we take the time in the small moments of the day to focus on resting, our brains turn on and we become alive.

We can have the mindfulness to daydream, introspect, and wander into the land of creativity. We can slow down, focus inward, and let ourselves emerge ahead of where we would have been if we were too busy.

Our whole lives were made to be an act of worship to God. This includes our creativity. The uniqueness and deep-rooted desires in our beings were made to be expressed as praise and thankfulness.

It gives God honour when He sees His sons and daughters being transformed by His spirit, stepping out in faith instead of fear, operating in His love instead of chasing after it. God always operates from a place of freedom.

Will you look out your window and just be? Let your power of creativity fill you. Regain a revitalized excitement that the future is open and full of bright possibilities.

Feel the breeze against your skin, and let your mind run in fields of laughter as you live life in courage, stepping into the passions and creativity you alone have.