Lisa Hanash is a self-taught artist born and raised in Montreal. Her artistic practices include canvas work, live art performances, and collaborative pieces inspired by the bright colours, movement, and simple beauty of flowers, gardens, and sunsets.

She has educational training in marketing and pastoral ministry. Her faith-rooted commitment to exploring art for herself is an ongoing discovery of her heart’s expression, a desire to see herself blossom.

Her influences include Monet and Van Gogh but before them her grandmother, whose canvases, paints, and palettes set the base for her journey.

The vibrancy of vivid hues, finger painting, and gentle brush strokes, as well as the frustrations and joys of art creation move her to continually explore the art process.

Her hope is that her path will be a catalyst for others to walk out their own creative potential and experience deeper levels of beauty, wonder, and childlike joy.

“Waterlilies” by Lisa Hanash