Love Is Moving magazine gathers unique voices to share insight on the real-life conversations and questions that Christian youth and young adults across Canada are facing.

What we’re looking for

Youth/young adult section:
We feature faith-related content in the form of opinion pieces, stories of personal transformation, Biblical and cultural insight, poems, music/book reviews, artwork, photography, and videography. For this section, we encourage writers who are under 30 years of age.

Leaders’ section:
Here, we feature content devoted to supporting youth and young adult ministry leaders. This is a great platform to inspire fellow leaders in their work through advice, devotionals or Bible study tools, or through sharing testimonies of God’s work in your life or ministry. For this section, we are looking for writers with relevant leading experience.

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How to pitch: 

Keep pitches brief and write in your own natural style. We want your genuine voice and honest, thoughtful perspective. If you already have a completed article, poem, photo essay, etc. you may also submit it for consideration.

Please pitch your ideas to our Editor, Ilana, at [email protected].

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Tips for creating a great pitch:

  1. One to three sentences describing your article idea. 
  2. Explain why your idea is relevant to Canadian Christian youth and young adults, or their leaders. 
  3. Tell us why are you passionate about the topic.

Additional info:

Before writing, please read the EFC’s style guidelines. Keep in mind that articles should be between 600 and 1,300 words.

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