Love Is Moving magazine shares insight on the topics and questions Christian young adults across Canada are engaging with. We tell stories of hope, beauty, diversity, and creativity that will inspire and challenge the faith of millennial and Gen Z Christians.

We amplify the voices of emerging young adult creatives. We welcome submissions by writers who love asking questions and engaging with topics millennial and Gen Z Christians are grappling with.

What we’re looking for

We publish essays that combine personal narrative with societal and theological reflections, profiles of Christian creatives in Canada, poetry that explores the Christian experience, and reviews of music albums, books, films, podcasts, or YouTube channels that can inform and enrich the faith of our readers. 

We’re also looking for stories about events or initiatives in your community or church that will inspire young adults with the ways the Church in Canada demonstrates God’s love. 

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How to pitch 

You can pitch your ideas to our Editor, Ilana Reimer, at [email protected]. Include a clear thesis statement and a brief explanation and/or support for that thesis. Your email subject line should be a one-sentence summary of what the article is about. Please keep pitches brief and write in your own natural style. We want your genuine voice and honest, thoughtful perspective. If you already have a completed article, poem, essay, etc. you can also submit it for consideration.

Tips for creating a great pitch

  1. One to three sentences describing your article thesis. 
  2. Explain why your idea is relevant to Canadian Christian young adults. 
  3. Briefly describe your past writing experience and why you’re qualified to write about the topic.

Pay schedule

Features and essays (1,000-2,000 words): $0.20/word

Short opinion/news articles, and reviews (300-1,000 words): $0.15/word

Poetry: $50 flat fee

Note: In some cases, we accept short pieces that spark our interest, yet do not fit the criteria for the above categories. These writers will receive an honorarium for their contribution.

Stay in the loop

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Additional info

Before writing, please read the EFC’s style guidelines.

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